The sensation of the old wooden logs it become intimate heat, the same ashes and the incomparable fascination of the flames. 

  • Good Fire is the only gas heater  built with practically everlasting ceramic logs, which bring all you may expect in heating and decoration.
  • Each ceramic log is hand finished, reproducing the ax marks, age rings and bark texture, when the heater is on, some filaments and and minerals in the combustion area, bring the look of live coal, with real flames appearing from the logs.
  • All tubes, combustion chamber and curves are precisely matched to improve the gas flow. Thousands of little holes distributed along a ceramic plate allow a perfect gas distribution with the necessary preasure to have an optimum combustion. This is the first step.
  • The second step takes place in the cross pieces made of several specialy selected materials. When these cross pieces get incandescent, they burn the remaining carbon monoxide.
  • When the heater is on, part of the calories produced is absorbed by the ceramic logs, wich is returned to the room when the heater is turned off.