• The stoves Del Anden make  40% of reduction of wood.
  • Is easy to start the fire.
  • Is ecological aproved, reduced polution and economy of natural recurse.
  • They have an important capacity to store wood.
  • The solid design and strong construction, tthey assure an excellent yield and durability.
  • Measures Standard Big model 
    High 30" Width 20" Depth 16"Cm door 13 2/3"x92/3"
     Power 7000Kcal/H. I Weigh 68Kg. 
    Consumption 8Kg each 8hs.
    Exit of smoke of 6." 

    Small model 
    High 24 4/5" Width 144/5" Depth 19 1/5"   door 13 2/3"x91/5" Power 5000Kcal/H. I Weigh 40Kg. 

    Exit of smoke of 6."